Deploy high-capacity, high-power infrastructure with confidence

Near-instant HPC metal & cloud deployment in one of the world's largest data hubs; with agile, high-capacity global DDoS protection network to keep your infrastructure online, no matter what.

Dedicated Servers

High performance, dedicated solutions. Covering a vast array of latest-generation hardware, with instant deployment and custom build options; Deploy with our custom control panel to give you a full insight into your hardware usage and data throughput.

Virtual Private Servers

High frequency and cloud compute options avalible on a robust virtualisation platform. Great for smaller projects, websites and even smaller game servers. Take advantage of scale with rapid deployment and scale-up solutions ensuring your project always has enough juice!

Internet Resources

Want to expand your own network? This something that might interest you. As a registered RIPE, NCC member we have the ability to sponsor your own ASN as well as allocate an abundance of IPv6 space (both on our network and off). This is a great way to kick off your own network and is absolutley crucial for any new service providers or hosting solutions.

Remote Protection

Already got your own infrastructure and just need the protection? No worries! We can provide you a secure tunnel through our core pop's providing you with fully protected endpoints for traffic entering your infrastructure.


We aim to provide simple yet elegant hosting solutions using high-performance and scalable hardware that disrupt the market offering affordability and quality.

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